Visit Bali

Bali is one of the most popular cultural icons in the eyes of the world. The beauty of Bali’nature makes Indonesia so proud, in which no other countries have. Besides that, Bali is also very famous with the culture of hinduism, which can attract and hipnotize the visitors from all around the world especially the foreigners who are interested to visit or to have a sun bath, some of them even live here.

It’s not a coincidence that this honor and this luck belong to the Indonesian people especially Balinese. Bali is rich in the culture which makes Indonesia valuable in the eyes of the world. The religious culture of Hinduism also adds The artistic value of a place which is different from the other places. The foreigners or visitors force the local people to be able to communicate in English fluently. Bali which has been changed into this special place has abundance of advantages for Indonesia. The place in Indonesia known as the other part of Europe is Bali. There are many foreigners who live here, temporary or permanently which make us, the Balinese people have many creative ideas such as communicating in the tourist destination in foreign languages, sell some merchandise or handicraft from Bali, many kinds of traditional food, Balinese culture, and also a language course which is needed by the guide and the foreigners.

In some of the places in which the majority of the people who stay there are foreigners like Canggu and Kuta, being able to communicate with the local people fluently is a must. They are many of them who are very entusiastic and want to learn Indonesian. It is a respect for the Indonesian people if they are able to communicate in Indonesian fluently. Besides that, the visitors or foreignes who live in Bali do many businesses and get many profit from their business here in Bali. The popularity of Bali is a proud for the Indonesian people. Since there are many people around the world dream to visit Indonesia especially Bali.