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BALI “The Heaven of Tourist”

Bali is one of the most popular cultural icons in the eyes of the world. The beauty of Bali’nature makes Indonesia so proud, in which no other countries have. Besides that, Bali is also very famous with the culture of …

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Mari bergabung ke Konsultan Bahasa

Team Of Professionals

Kami didukung oleh tenaga-tenaga pengajar handal dan profesional yang siap membantu Anda.


Ingin lancar berbahasa Inggris?

Ingin bisa berbahasa Inggris lancar tentu saja harus ikut kursus Bahasa Inggris yang intensif, apalagi jika Anda jarang ngomong pakai bahasa Inggris.
Sebuah program intensif tentu saja memerlukan perhatian ekstra dari para tutor atau pengajar. Juga, anda harus menggunakan bahasa Inggris untuk berkomunikasi sepanjang hari.
Sebaiknya gunakan Bahasa Inggris di dalam maupun luar lingkungan kursus.

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Looking for Professional Approach and Quality Services.

Come join us “Bahasa Indonesia Course” to improve your basic and intermediate communication skills and able to communicate on familiar topic with ease. Even though the proficiency would probably be limited, the students course will use vocabularies in context to exchange the meaning and to deliver the messages. The students course are also expected to maintain a conversation with description without losing its meaning.
In Bali you will be able to talk about topics related to your’s life and surroundings. You will be able to make simple descriptions and narrations. You can begin, maintain, and close conversations on various topics, e.g., the neighborhood or city, a past and future trip. You will be more aware of grammar in Indonesian and able to reflect this at the sentence level. You will be able to interact with native speakers who are used to speaking with non-native learners.

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